Common Webcast Issues

The following issues may occur with live webcasting.

The Video and/or Audio is Choppy

Choppiness may take place because the Internet connection is being used by too many computers and devices, or because you are doing other web-related activities on your computer such as checking email and downloading files. If possible, close all other applications using the Internet.

There is Video but No Audio

If you are receiving a video signal, but no audio, one of the following conditions is present.

  • The web browser you are using cannot play the live audio. Switch to a different browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.
  • The device you are using is not equipped to receive live audio. Try a different computer or device.
  • Your volume control is turned down or off.
  • Your computer or device requires external speakers that are not plugged in.
  • The audio is set to mute on the webcast media player. Move your mouse over top of the media player to display the controls. Ensure there is no line across the audio icon in the bottom right corner. If there is, click the icon to restore the audio.

I Hear an Echo

If you are hearing an echo, you likely have the webcast open in two or more browser windows. Ensure that only one browser window is playing the webcast.

How Do I View the Webcast in Full Screen?

To view a webcast in a popped-out full-screen, click on the open square icon at the bottom-right corner of the video player:

Image example of Livestream's button for full-screen function.

I’m Watching on a Phone or Tablent


Our volunteer technical team do their best to monitor and ensure quality webcasts.  Webcasts are recorded and Sunday messages are  made available after the live webcast.

Contact Support
If you require technical assistance during the webcast, you may post your technical issue or question by email to  Support may not be available during the live event due to limited technical resources.

If you have problems, our technicians will do their best to assist you, however, since we are not physically able to examine your system, it is possible we may not be able to help you resolve your issue.

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