The Adult Ministry of Westhill exists to:

  • Help adults pursue God,
  • Build authentic community and
  • Unleash compassion.

Pastor Tim Coleman gives leadership to the Adult Ministry of Westhill.  His current focus is on the following areas:

  1. Marriage – Undertaking to resource couples through teaching (workshops), ‘coffee and learn’ opportunities, mentorship and pre-marital counseling.
  2. Family & Parenting – Resourcing families as they raise their children with the tools to be resilient, well-grounded families. We will avail training and small groups to engage stay-at home mums to be grounded in scripture. And, finally, we will equip create opportunities to nurture and contextualise their parenting skills through mentorship, networking and learning opportunities.
  3. Life on life discipleship – A focus on mentorship, making discipleship the lifestyle of the church, training leaders, resourcing people for life contexts.
  4. Small or Life groups – An emphasis on belonging, caring, teaching, adding a service component, stewardship, discerning and applying our spiritual gifts.
  5. Sunday morning newcomers’ ministry – Engage creative ways to welcome and make visitors belong, connect, and transition into the life of the WPBC.

For more information, please contact Pastor Tim.