Baptism is one of two sacraments recognized by Baptists.

As Christians, we each come to faith in God through a free, personal decision; therefore, we practice the baptism of believers. For this reason, we do not practice infant baptism, reserving baptism for adults and young people mature enough to make a fully conscious and committed decision. At Westhill, we baptize by full immersion, following Biblical example and modeling the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.

Church Membership

In addition to baptism, at we believe in the importance of believers becoming active members in their local church, where growth in the Lord and Christian service can occur. Anyone, regardless of age, can become a member of Westhill Pak?Baptist Church. The pre-requisites for membership at Westhill are that:

  • you have been baptized by immersion as a follower of Jesus Christ.

To learn more about baptism and becoming a member of Westhill Park Baptist Church, please contact a member of our pastoral team.