As part of our three-year Ministry Plan (2016-2018) we identified that our three-fold CORE PURPOSE as a church is to transform lives, families and communities by pursuing God, building community and unleashing compassion. Our Core Purpose forms the basis for our three CORE STRATEGIES:

1) Pursuing God (UP)

Discipleship involves the process of introducing people to a loving, life-giving relationship with God and discipling them to full maturity. Discipleship is not just about information transfer; it is about changed lives.

DISCIPLESHIP + WORSHIP Matthew 28:19; Mark 12:30-31; Romans 12:1-2

2) Building Community (IN)

We journey as a family celebrating our unity in Christ and respecting our diversity as individuals. Build relationships within the congregation by helping people connect and engage.

COMMUNITY + SERVICE 1 Corinthians 13 & 12

3) Unleashing Compassion (OUT)

We are called to be ‘difference makers’ through our engagement with our partners and other expressions of social action, evangelism and missions.

EVANGELISM/MISSIONS (Word) + SOCIAL CONCERN (Deed) James 1:26-27; Mark 10:42; Matt. 28:19-20