1. Listen to understand, not to defend, deflect or excuse
Last Sunday, Pastors David and Tim discussed racism and the steps and actions Christians can take to lean in, learn, and act to stand with racial equality and justice. One of the steps involved listening with the goal of understanding.
Author and filmmaker Phil Vischer has had a significant impact on American culture. His groundbreaking children’s series, VeggieTales, has sold more than 65 million copies, been featured in major magazines and newspapers.
In this video Phil explains why people are in the streets protesting racism. Thanks to Pastor Jordan for passing this on to us.

Race in America – A Holy Post Video

We need to talk about race. Why are people angry? Why so upset? Didn't we elect a black president? Pass civil rights laws? Isn't racism illegal now? Three years ago my brother Rob and I co-taught a class that discussed issues of racial injustice. That class turned into a popular podcast episode, which we've now turned into this video. Why are people still angry? Let's take a look at race in America…Transcript w/Citations: https://www.holypost.com/post/racism-video-transcript-w-citations

Posted by Phil Vischer on Sunday, June 14, 2020


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