It’s been a while since Pastors David and Tim had the conversation about the reality of racism in our society. In response to David’s question “What should we do as individuals and/or as faith communities to change what’s going on and be part of the solution?” Tim shared 5 Calls to Action:
  1. Listen to understand, not to defend, deflect or excuse
  2. Acknowledge personal racism (most have a hint of racial bias for all kinds of reasons–if we are being honest with ourselves), and institutional racism.
  3. Let’s talk–have the “uncomfortable” conversation with our kids, co-workers, spouse, and churches.
  4. Stand up when we hear or see injustice –don’t look away. That’s important because what we ignore today will victimize us tomorrow
  5. Engage with visible minorities in our church or other social contexts. Expand our social circles to be inclusive
Let’s keep this conversation going! Let’s be part of the solution.


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